Honda NeuV Concept Heading to CES 2017

We thought we’d seen it all at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but Honda is out to prove us wrong. The Japanese automaker is bringing a new concept to CES 2017 and it could change how we look at and interact with cars. The Honda NeuV Concept will feature an “emotion engine,” something that hasn’t been seen outside of movies.

On top of having an “emotion engine,” the concept car will also be an all-electric vehicle. A single, seamless glass pane covers the majority of the car. The two-seater model boasts an electric motor and autonomous driving technology as well. Wide doors stretch wheel-to-wheel to add even more style to the concept.

The new “emotion engine,” which is what really makes the car so interesting will be a part of Honda’s Cooperative Mobility System. The automaker will have more details about what that is exactly at the show.

The artificial intelligence technology will allow the car to create its own emotions to better understand those of the driver and passengers. While the car won’t really be able to think for itself, it will allow for a new way for owners to connect with their cars.

Here at Russell Honda, we’re interested to see what this new concept is all about.