HondaLink® Adds New Driver Feedback Feature

Honda is teaming up with Verisk Analytics on a new feature that tells you how you’re driving. Driver Feedback, available through HondaLink®, senses how you drive and offers suggestions to improve efficiency and minimize wear and tear.

The all-new Driver Feedback feature is available for eligible Honda owners who have at one point had HondaLink®. Qualifying vehicles include the 2018 and newer Honda Accord Touring; 2019 and newer Honda Passport Touring and Elite; and 2019 and newer Honda Pilot Touring, Elite and Black Edition. 

Driver Feedback uses data to generate a Driving Score, which according to Verisk Analytics is based on five different factors: Smooth Driving, Consistent Driving, Driving Time, Speed Responsibility and Time Behind the Wheel. Monitoring everything from the time of day to speed and braking, Driver Feedback provides tips to help improve your behavior behind the wheel. By following the advice given, you could find yourself becoming a more fuel-efficient and risk-averse driver.

Though Verisk Analytics uses the data to determine your Driving Score, it’s worth noting that no personal information is shared with a third party without your authorization. Opting in to the Driver Feedback feature is entirely at your discretion, and you can just as easily opt-out as you please.

Driver Feedback is yet another way Honda is working to provide a more connected experience. Experience innovation and excitement firsthand by checking out the Honda lineup at Russell Honda in Sherwood, Arkansas.

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